Anvil PERUN 50 kg

Excellente finition Nice conception. Very good finish.

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Magnificent anvil ideal for cutlery and farrier. Cast steel, hardened (table and edges) then planed. Perfect finish. The table offers a shoulder at the junction with the bigorne. The bigorne is extremely smooth and perfectly regular for very precise work.

The anvil has a repeller and 2 holes on the table: 1 square hole 22 x 22 mm to receive anvil tools and 1 round hole of 12.5 mm diameters to punch the metal as needed. The surface of the base of the anvil is rectified in order to lay perfectly flat on the block. The anvil thus has more stability and a very good absorption of vibrations and sounds.

- Table dimensions: long. 300 x width. 115 mm.
- Height: 230 mm.
- Total length of the anvil: 500 mm.
- Base: long. 300 x width. 185 mm.
- Weight: 50 kg.

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Weight 50 kg

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Price : €995.00 Tax excluded


€995.00 Tax excluded

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