Gas forge PF200 2 burners/2 openings PRO FORGE

Propane Forge.

Identical to PF200 with 2 more side openings

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Gas forge model PRO FORGE PF200 delivered with 2 lateral openings allowing the passage of long bars in the crossing direction. 1 single door on the front.

The PROFORGE is the ideal multi-function tool for making damascus, forging, annealing and tempering. It is very popular for making damascus. Its shape allows a natural convection thanks to a cylindrical vault. 2 lateral openings of 60 mm diameter for the passage of bars and for the exit of excess flames. Ceramic fiber insulation and a refractory brick bottom that can be easily replaced without dismantling. High heating power and speed: maximum temperature of 1400°C. First heating in 4 minutes. Comfortable working and easy welding.

Technical characteristics : 

- Average pressures : 0,5 to 0,7 bars 

- Welding : 0,7 to 0,9 bars. Maximum pressure : 1,5 bars 

- Consumption : 1 kg/h at 0,7 bars 

- Fireplace dimensions: L 305 x W 203 x H 85 mm at the door 

- Side opening : ø 60 mm 

- External dimensions: L 406 x W 381 x H 445 mm 

- Weight : 26 kg.

- Delivered complete with piezoelectric ignition, pressure reducer and armed gas hose.

Works with Propane gas.

Combinations Reference Stock Price Quantity

Fireplace Width 203 x Depth 305 x Height 85 mm - Weight 26 kg

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Price : €1,130.00 Tax excluded


€1,130.00 Tax excluded

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